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The cooperation between Life Partner and JIA In 2004, JIA voluntary organization came to Ken’s attention (The general manager of Life Partner). Ken was invited to a conference held by JIA, and he was deeply moved by what they are doing, and what they have achieved. Since then, both of them start their close communication. “Leprosy was been wrongly considered as a terrified incurable illness by most people”, Ken said, “ I am as same as most of people whom misunderstood leprosy. JIA ‘s activities have been widely known, as a Chinese , I should as well fully support it. ” As a result, Ken not only supports JIA as an individual, but also supports them with his company. Life Partner donates 100rmb to JIA on every lease contract that they make with customer. In addition, life partner organizes charity tours and jumble sales and other activities to raise money for JIA organization on a regular basis, do what we could to build a bridge for JIA and call on more people to join the charitable activities.